Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Norton Health Walks Supported by:-

Norton Parish Council





Norton Health Walks is an independant walking group was set up in August 2003 and we are celebrating our sixteeth year. The aim of The Group is to promote and encourage the Walking for Health within the community and beyond, regardless of race, age, gender, or disability. We welcome new volunteers to join us.

Walking can: -

• Make you feel good. •  Give you more energy.

•  Help you sleep better. •  Help reduce stress.

•  Keep your heart strong.•  Reduce blood pressure.

•  Help manage your weight.•  Improve your life expectancy.

•  Encourage social interaction.

The group usually walks every other Sunday Morning with a start time of 10am, with various starting points around the area to encourage people from all the area to take part.

Walks vary in length, up to 90 mins of exercise, and one walk a month of up to 30mins. We take in as much of the local footpaths and local countryside as possible, and all walks are accompanied by at least two qualified walk & first aid trained leaders.



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